Garden Gate Arbor

My mom wanted to get an arbor gate thing as an entrance to the garden and to make it look nice. We went to Home Depot and some other stores but we didn’t really like any of the options they had. They seemed expensive and flimsy, and not that great looking anyways. We needed something solid that would be able to withstand the stormy winds we get.

So I decided to take on the project myself. First i went online and looked at some pictures to get some ideas. Then i sketched some designs and figured out a basic plan of how it would be built. I tried to design it in a way that would minimize the cutting and other extra work needed. We went to the store and bought all the supplies and then I came back and worked on it. We had to dig holes in the ground to put it in and pour concrete to make sure it would stay put. After it was all put together we just painted it white and here it is!

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  • kike sanz

    How much did it cost?

  • Kamalpreet

    Nice job! I agree; the homemade one looks much better than the styles in Home Depot or Lowe’s. Are you taking orders to construct other garden gates as well, Mr. Amasingh?

  • Anonymous

    WOW. Speechless. This is amazingg! It is so prettyyy 🙂 and nicely done. What can’t you do, Vikram Singh? SO talented.

  • I don’t remember exactly anymore but it should’ve been under $50. There were maybe 6 2×4’s, a couple of bags of cement, and the vinyl/plastic lattice thing, that was the most expensive I think. This is assuming I already had screws,paint, and some other small things. Still better than the store especially for what you get at their price.

  • Thanks! Yeah sure, whynot? 🙂