Custom Tablet/Laptop Sleeve

I recently purchased a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 (Laptop/tablet) and I needed something to protect it. I didn’t want to spend the time to find the perfect cover to order and then wait for it to arrive. As usual, I would rather spend that same time creating my own solution. I decided to make a sleeve, to maintain its portability and slim profile. I decided to look for some mailing envelopes and see if I could find one that I could cut up and use. Fortunately I was able to find one that was almost the perfect size that I needed! All I had to do was make it look nice and protect better.

First I cut a large opening to make it easy to take the laptop in and out. Since the flap had to be bigger than the opening itself, I had to find another material to make it out of. I used the outer layer of an old notebook which happened to be similar in thickness to the envelope material. After cutting it to the right size and taping it on, I taped strong neodymium magnets to both sides to keep the flap closed. The envelope was strong but it would be nice to add another layer to make it feel nicer and protect better. I found this thin foam bag that computer parts often come in, and covered the whole envelope with that. Now it looked and felt nicer but it could still be better!

After looking around for a while I found an old binder and decided to strip off the plastic/rubbery cover and use that to cover my sleeve with. The material was durable, smooth, water-resistant, and looked nice.My only issue was that I barely had enough material to cover the envelope so I had to be very strategic. I finally found a way to efficiently place and attach it to the envelope (using tape and glue, again :p) Finally I had to cover the places where the binder material joined together and was taped or cut, so I used some pieces of carbon-fiber adhesive (left-over from my briefcase project) to cover up the edges and seal everything up. I think it turned out pretty nice overall! What do you guys think?


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Carbon Fiber Wallet


Having served me well over 2 years, the VSK Clay Wallet was finally nearing the end of its life cycle. Therefore, I once again set out on a quest to find the successor of my personal VSK wallet line; what material would be worthy?

Ah yes, Carbon Fiber.

Inspired by the designs on my car, I ordered some Carbon Fiber textured adhesive vinyl. This material, being very thin, needed some sort of stronger skeleton underneath. Naturally, I chose playing cards ( being a magician and all.)   The card stock base combined with a carbon fiber overlay resulted in a wallet that was extremely thin, light, and sturdy.   With the experience of many wallets behind me, I was able to plan the construction such that the wallet would be virtually seamless. I have to say this is probably my most favorite and “cleanest looking” wallet to date. Without further ado, here it is:


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VSK Clay Wallet

I wanted to make something out of clay, and I somehow came up with an idea of how to implement it into a wallet. I used silver clay to make 2 thin rectangular panels and etched a vsk pattern onto it, and then baked it. Then I made a duct tape wallet but used the two clay parts as the outside. The cool thing about the clay was that I can have whatever custom 3-D textured on the outside. It hardens into an almost flexible type plastic so its really durable.

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More Wallets!

I’ve started making some new wallets with different materials, but in another style.

These have unique materials(real boxes/wrappers/cans) on the outside but they are regular real full featured wallets on the inside.  These will be up for sale soon! And half the price of the previous ones 😉

Custom ordered Card Wallet:

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