More Wallets!

I’ve started making some new wallets with different materials, but in another style.

These have unique materials(real boxes/wrappers/cans) on the outside but they are regular real full featured wallets on the inside.  These will be up for sale soon! And half the price of the previous ones 😉

Custom ordered Card Wallet:

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Pepsi Soda Can Wallet

Custom Ordered! – Contact me for your own custom order!

Made out of a real Aluminum soda can.


-ID Window
-3 Card Slots
-2 Multipurpose pockets
-Money Pocket

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7-Up Soda Can Wallet

Thats right, a wallet made out of a real aluminum soda can. I don’t remember how I got this idea, but we had some 7-Up, and I really wanted to try something new. So I did, and it worked! It was pretty hard, and took a lot of time. I had to wash out the can, cut off the top and the bottom, then down the side, and then clean it again and flatten it. Next I folded over the edges and rounded the corners, so it wouldn’t be sharp. Then I glued cards on to strengthen it, and used green construction paper for the rest. I decided it would be cool if I used a can on the inside too, so I did the same process with a second can and cut pieces for the inside. This part was really hard. I had to cut the pieces so they would line up and keep the design. It was also hard because the resources were limited, couldn’t cut off and waste any. Its easier when you have a lot of cards you can just stick together. Anyways, it seems like everyone likes this the best. I think I’ll keep it for myself.

-Money pocket
-3 Card slots
-1 ID window
-2 Deep Pockets
-Made from real Aluminum Cans

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