Copper Art

Last semester I took a 3D art class at my college in which I learned a lot of cool new stuff, including how to emboss/engrave thin sheets of copper to depict an image in a way that really ‘pops out.’

For my project I made an image of Harmandir Sahib. It took a lot of work.. I was surprised at how it came out!


After the class was over I tried to figure out new ways to present this type of art and enhance its appearance. I made this as a gift for someone. I wanted to make it a unique display piece in the sense that it looks like its going to fall or its balancing at an impossible angle. The support is a hole drilled into the tile sample with a bent nail going through it.



Then I tried another approach for this present by painting the copper silver. I cut it out and glued it onto a CD,then I made a stand for it out of cut Popsicle sticks painted silver. I wanted to give it a minimalistic floating kind of look, from the front you cant see the sticks, just the base.



I decided to try and take this technique to the next level by attempting it on a piece of aluminum.
After embossing the letters, I painted them in black, cut it out and attached it over the original emblem on my car to customize it!



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  • Dude, oh my waheguru, that is sick!

  • satinder

    Very Good & Fine Detailed Artwork.
    Very Nice to see this art piece.

  • Ickdeep

    Dude, that is soo cool

  • Jasmine K.K.

    the waheguru one lookkksss legitt! good job