Cell Phone Dock/Stand

I thought it would be cool to have some sort of dock/stand for my phone at work so that I could easily see my notifications without looking down on it flat on my desk. It would great if this could charge at the same time too. I found a few online that I could buy but as you may know, I prefer making things myself. I enjoy the actual designing and building part and you get something unique (not to mention the money you save).

So I went through my box of junk and supplies and brainstormed a few design and material ideas, and I finally came up with this. The structure is made up of spare electronics parts and does a great job of holding my phone up at a good angle. There is enough space so that the micro-usb cable can still be connected so it can charge at the same time.  I added some small foam pieces at the bottom so that it doesn’t slip when I use the phone while its in the dock.

The VSK logo in the middle is actually an NFC chip which the phone detects when it comes really close to it. I can set it up to do certain tasks when I put the phone in the dock, like change my ringer to silent, turn wifi on, etc. In this video I had it set to change all my settings for work and say “Welcome to work, VSK”.

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  • Akaaal – this is amazign Ji – love it. Does it run the risk of overcharging i.e. depleting battery life?

  • Waheguru! This dock currently doesn’t actually charge the phone. The electronics parts used are just to make up the structure. The NFC chip is recognized by the phone to do certain tasks. The phone still charges via micro-usb port and cable (if you have it plugged in). I may buy a wireless charger and add its part into this at some point in the future but I don’t want the phone to always be charging at work if I don’t need it to. From what I’ve read the wireless chargers either stop charging once its complete or trickle the current down after 95%..

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